NCLA’s Cyberpatriot Students “Gear-Up” for Competition

Cyberpatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program, which is now offered at The NCLA. The program began at the school in November 2014 and was offered as an elective to high school students. Cyberpatriot was developed by the Air Force Association (AFA) as a means to influence high school students to pursue careers in Cyber-security and STEM based careers, which consist of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

At the base of Cyberpatriot is the National Youth Cyber Defence Competition, in which students compete against other schools.

Have an interest that you want to explore with friends?

Any teacher or student having an interest in starting a new club may download here and turn in a Proposal Form at the front office. After the completed form has been returned to Mrs. Wood, our guidance counselor, the application goes through the following process:

  1. Review of application by the Student Activities Director in light of the above criteria for school sponsored clubs and conditions for school recognized club. 
  2. Meeting with potential sponsor and/or students and the guidance counselor. 
  3. Written recommendation by the guidance counselor to the Principal or designee for acceptance or rejection of the club as a school sponsored club or school recognized club. 
  4. Final written decision by the Principal or designee. 
  5. If a club is accepted as a school sponsored club, the club will be on "pilot" status for two full semesters and a specific plan to start as a school sponsored pilot club will be developed by the sponsor, students, and guidance counselor. 
  6. For a list of approved and active clubs at theNCLA click here.

NOTE: Every club must be headed by a faculty advisor. If a parent volunteer is going to sponsor the club, a faculty member must still be designated as the advisor and the parent volunteer will report to that faculty member.

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