H539 - Charter School Funding

House Members Are Home For The Weekend, Please Contact Them About H539

Charter advocates expect the H539- Charter School Funding bill to move in the House next week!  This bill will help even the local funding levels between charter and conventional students. 
Please call or email any members of the state House of Representatives that you know personally between now and Monday 
afternoon. Ask the members of your school's community to do the same.

Ask them to vote "Yes to concur on H539."

There is nothing more effective to our cause than the voice of a familiar advocate. You can bet the other side is calling them.   
Click Here for a summary of H539
Three points to make....
  • Everything on the summary list used to be shared with charters. Look at how many items will still not be shared with charter schools even if the bill passes. We have compromised and and compromised! 
  • Our schools are asking for only 30-40% of what was taken from them in 2010. That equates to about $8.80 per conventional student and $120 per charter student. 
  • Nothing will be taken from an individual conventional school; Not PTO money, not band booster money, not tuition, not renting the auditorium, not before/after school care fees. Nothing!

  • Charter schools DO NOT receive any funds from state lottery. So getting closer to a fair portion of local funds would help. 

Please help get Bill 539 passed!

Parents and friends,
Please contact a representative and ask them to vote today for HB 539! House Bill 539 restores approximately 30 - 40% of restricted local funding to charter schools. For some of you that could be $200-$300 per child!
Find more info in the message below

Good morning Forsyth and Wilkes County charter school parents,

Today,  Please reach out to your representative and be sure to ask them if they will vote yes (concur) on House Bill 539. 

We are in the final stages of getting House Bill 539 across the finish line. For those who have reached out to your Reps I thank you. Today, please reach out again http://actnow.io/IE2ecTH

If you were able to get someone on the line or have had direct communication with one of the 23 REPS listed please send me the results of the call. The truth is, you are in a mode of survival each year fiscally and only are asking to restore what is fair and should follow the child (Indirect Costs, County Wide Federal Support Funds, Reimbursements) .  Call me today for additional talking points but they are tired of hearing from us (Association, Alliance and other advocates).

All of the Reps contact information is attached. If you can do anything, please focus on the Rep(s) closest to you.

These 23 are being specifically targeted as they are on the bubble.

It will take 10 minutes today to reach out. Their phone numbers and counties they represent are attached and linked below.  

If you get through or leave a message with the Legislative Assistant please email me your results (are they for fair funding, against, need more education?) as our lobbyists will be following up with them daily on how not having this funding (on average $471 per child) impacts your charter school.

Get the exact figure here: http://fairpublicfundingnc.org/

Take Action Link to share with parents: http://actnow.io/IE2ecTH

Carteret, Jones
New Hanover
New Hanover
Watuga, Ashe

Warmest regards,

Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Ed.D.
Director, NC Charter Accelerator

Athletic Update: Sports Banquet Awards!

For those who were unable to attend the Sports Banquet the results are below. Once again, The NCLA Athletic Program has come along way in in two short years. With continued support it will only continue to grow.

Descriptions of awards
Most Outstanding Player – the athlete who contributes the most to the total success of the whole team.
Most Improved Player – the athlete who makes the greatest strides progressing as a player in his/her sport.
Coach’s Award – The athlete in his/her sport, who through leadership contributes significantly to the coach and team.

MS Girls Basketball
Most Outstanding Player – Kyley Perkins
Most Improved Player – Rachel Dixon
Coach’s Award – Emily Vroom

MS Wrestling
Most Outstanding Player – Kye Andrews
Most Improved Player – Davey Nicoletta
Coach’s Award – Nick Polomski & McCray McGee

HS Wrestling
Most Outstanding Player – Denny Browning
Most Improved Player – Timothy Bray
Coach’s Award – Matthew Ritchie

MS Volleyball
Most Outstanding Player – Claudia Neeves
Most Improved Player – Rebekah Gilpin
Coach’s Award – Beth Davis

HS Volleyball
Most Outstanding Player – Kyla Smith
Most Improved Player – Abby Warren
Coach’s Award – Brenna Boozer
All-Central Carolina Conference - Brenna Boozer

MS Soccer Coed
Most Outstanding Player – Luke Guldberg
Most Improved Player – Sean Lowe
Coach’s Award – Wesley Tompkins

HS Boys Soccer
Most Outstanding Player – Brandon Shanks
Most Improved Player – Brant Lohr
Coach’s Award – Joell Aguilar
All-Conference Award - Brandon Shanks
All-Conference Award -Brandon Dixon

HS Girls Soccer.
Most Outstanding Player – Charlotte Bullock
Most Improved Player – Natalie Peters
Coach’s Award – Maggie Marsh
All Conference Award --Jordan Bishop
All Conference Award -- Camille Leake
All Conference Award -- Charlotte Bullock

MS Girls Cross Country
Most Outstanding Player – Lola Knight
Most Improved Player – Halle Jenkins
Coach’s Award – Jacqueline Inscho

MS Boys Cross Country
Most Outstanding Player – Jimmy Shetzler
Most Improved Player – Roy Hedgecough
Coach’s Award – Ben Loflin

HS Boys Cross Country
Most Outstanding Player – Sean Zaidi
Most Improved Player – Daniel Ellis
Coach’s Award – Zachary Ellis

MS Cheer
Most Outstanding Player – Christina Parker
Most Improved Player – Amber Matias
Coaches Award – Macey Green

HS Cheer
Most Outstanding Player – Riley Green
Most Improved Player – Lauren Deason
Coach’s Award – Caylee Flippen

HS Girls Basketball
Most Outstanding Player – Brenna Boozer
Most Improved Player – Jade Burkhart
Coach’s Award – Sadie Ross
All-Conference Award - Maggie Marsh

MS Boys Basketball
Most Outstanding Player – Reilly Porto
Most Improved Player – Joe Stoops
Coach’s Award – Titus Brannan

HS Boys Basketball
Most Outstanding Player – Jonte Johnson
Most Improved Player – Will Hutchens
Coach’s Award – James Jones and Bo Osborne
All-Conference - Jonte Johnson

MS Girls Track
Most Outstanding Player – Maddie Huffman
Most Improved Player – Jacqueline Inscho
Coach’s Award – Jessica Langham
All Conference Medals:
      Shot put - Catie Osborne, F, 6th - 3rd place

HS Girls Track
Most Outstanding Player – N/A
Most Improved Player – Eva Witteveen
Coach’s Award – Eva Witteveen

MS Boys Track
Most Outstanding Player – Kyle Bouton
Most Improved Player – Jacob Key
Coach’s Award – Luke Guldberg

HS Boys Track
Most Outstanding Player – Will Hutchens
Most Improved Player – Nicholas Shanks
Coach’s Award – Grayson Dunn
All Conference Medals:
      100m - Will Hutchens - 1st place
      100m - Brandon Shanks - 3rd place
      1600m - Nathan McKaughan - 1st place
      1600m - Addison McKaughan - 2nd place
      400 m - Will Hutchens - 1st place
      800m - Addison McKaughan - 1st place
      4X400m Relay - 1st place
          Will Hutchens,
          Brandon Shanks
          Nick Shanks
          Grayson Dunn
      Long Jump - Brandon Shanks - 1st place

MS Boys Baseball
Most Outstanding Player – Cameron Warren & Jimmy Shetzler
Most Improved Player –  Levi Antieau
Coach’s Award –  Kaidan Andrews

MS Girls Softball
Most Outstanding Player – Ellie Zaidi and Courtney Floyd
Most Improved Player –  Emily Vroom and Amber Matias
Coach’s Award – Beth Davis

Athlete of the Year Award -- An athlete who displays leadership, athletic accomplishment, team unity, total commitment to the school and athletic program.
      High School
         Brenna Boozer
         Will Hutchens
      Middle School
          Emily Vroom
          Luke Guldberg

Scholar Athlete of the Year -- given to the student who excels on the court/field and the classroom.  The preference is to go to a student who excels in multiple sports, but it is not a requirement.
      High School
          Maggie Marsh
          Zachary Ellis
      Middle School
          Beth Davis
          Kye Andrews

Coach’s Award for the Year -- The athlete in his/her sport, who through leadership and example, contributes significantly to the coach and team.
      High School
         Eva Witteveen
         Denny Browning
      Middle School
         Amber Matias
         Titus Brannan

The NCLA, a college preparatory charter school, is currently hiring for 2016 - 17 in the areas of AP English, Math, History and Science due to expanding our high school. Seeking certified candidates only.  Please send resume to Renee Faenza at rfaenza@thencla.org.

Athletic Update: 5/2 - 5/6

Welcome! The following is what The NCLA Athletic Department has going on. The NCLA is likely finished with its second year of sports and it has been a great year. With that said, The NCLA Boosters invites all student athletes and their families to the annual awards ceremony and banquet. It is time again to honor the accomplishments of our student athletes at The NCLA. As well as recognize and celebrate their dedication to the extracurricular sports in which they they participate.

Sport Banquet Info and sign-up!

Logistic details
Who: Any and all student-athletes grades 6 through 11 and their families.
What: Sports Banquet
Where: The NCLA Gym, 4353 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284
When: Friday, May 13th, 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Food details
Food:  For accurate numbers for food, please register by Friday, May 6th, click here to register. Food is provided by Libby Hill, buffet style (chicken, fish, hushpuppies, fries, coleslaw, drinks, and dessert)
Cost of Food: $9.00 dollars a head, food is optional, you do not need to buy food to attend.
How to Pay: At event, cash or check (if check make checks payable to The NCLA Boosters).

This is how the Spring Teams Finished for the Season (HS Girls Soccer, may have one more game).

MS Baseball Information: Ended the season 6 - 4

Thank you Dave Nicoletta for making this a reality, could not have happened without you!

MS Softball Information: Ended the season 3 - 5

Thank you Coach Day, few will ever realize how hard you worked to bring Softball to The NCLA. 

MS/HS Track Information: The results for the Conference Championship

10016004002008004x400ShotLong JumpTotalOverall Place
MS Girls
Forsyth Academy83113
The Point4594
MS Boys
Forsyth Academy115
The Point45831212
HS Girls
Piedmont Classical1333103
HS Boys
Piedmont Classical553

Thank you Coach White and Coach Bay, you successfully ran and hosted 5 track meets for 7 teams, great work!

HS GIRLS Soccer Information: Current record 5 - 1 - 0

Thank you Coach Teves, you have lead a new team to an almost perfect season with possibly only one more game to go.