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5 / 16 / 2023  - IMPORTANT FOR 7th Graders in the 2023-2024 School Year!

Hello Parents and 6th (Soon-to-be 7th) Graders,

Recently I took time in all of my 6th grade Leadership Classes to give a basic overview of the CAP program here at the NCLA. As you know, all 7th Graders are required to join the squadron for one year as part of the Leadership focus of our school. Civil Air Patrol has requirements and parameters for operation that generally parallel the school's, but there are times where expectations and grading are different. I will outline those basics below in addition to attaching the slideshow presentation giving an overview of CAP that I shared with the students. Please feel free to email any questions directly to me at my school email address: dhathaway@thencla.org

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for CAP Next Year?
1. Parents and students need to fill out a paper copy of the application ASAP. There will be a digital copy attached to this email. Please fill in and print it out with all the necessary information and have your student bring it to school ASAP. The school pays for each cadet's $40 registration fee, so we have to send all apps in a bulk packet. I will sign my parts after receiving it.

2. Join the CAP Remind group: @e4kgck
This will keep you connected to announcements and important dates moving forward and into next year.

3. Pay attention for the Early Uniform Rental dates through Remind. When these are posted, you may come on those days to take care of ABU rentals early and get everything squared away for your cadet.

4. Look over the rules and regulations listed in the New Cadet section of our website. Of special interest--Cadets will be expected to meet certain dress and grooming and promotion requirements in order to successfully pass the course and get a good grade. These requirements are non-negotiable and all cadets are expected to abide by them during their 7th Grade School year in the squadron.

Slideshow Presentation:

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9 / 12 / 2022


1. New cadets, please make sure that you have the new Page 3 of the CAP application signed and returned in paper form to me ASAP. We have to have all of these to send in our group registration. 

2. The date to have your uniform purchased or rented and have all patches sewn on is Sept. 16th. We will be doing a "soft inspection" next week on Wednesday and Thursday where you will be expected to wear them. Our first graded inspection will be the week of our first Squadron Meeting (Monday, Sept 26).onday, Sept 26th). **These are absolute MUST-DO items!!!***