Students are more likely to succeed when their parents are engaged in their education. This fact is even more important to consider in hybrid learning environments, where students are participating in both in-person and remote learning. Active and engaged parents make for active and engaged students who complete their schoolwork, go to class, and ultimately learn more.  

Parents significantly impact their child’s learning and educational experience when they take an active role in monitoring their progress, assignments, attendance, activities, and events. Parent involvement helps keep students on track, which results in better attendance, fewer missed assignments, improved test scores, and increased grade point averages.Please scroll to learn more about the Parent Portal.

How to Create a Powerschool Account

Please make sure you use a desktop/laptop to create your powerschool account. Please put the following website in the URL:Powerschool (yellow arrow). Once you are on the home page,  select “create account” (red arrow). See below:


Once you have selected “create account”, you will choose it again at the bottom right hand side of the screen. The screen below will appear. Please complete all the requested information.


Red Arrow: Enter your first and last name.

Yellow Arrow: Enter in your email that you want to associate with your Powerschool account. Note: this is where you will receive all of your notifications for grades and attendance.

Blue Arrow: You desired user name for your Powerschool account.

Purple Arrow: Your desired password.

Green Arrow: Your student name

Black Arrow: Your student’s Access ID (if you do not have this information, please email kstanley@thencla.org ).

Orange Arrow: Your student’s access password (if you do not have this information, please email kstanley@thencla.org ).

Yellow Arrow: Your relationship to the student. **Please note that you can add up to (7) students in this process.

Click “Enter” on the bottom right.

Once you have enter in all the required information and hit “enter”, you will return to the home page. Please enter your credentials that you set and hit “sign in”

How to add additional students to your existing Powerschool Account

Please sign into your Parent Portal. Note this MUST be done on a desktop. Once you sign in, you will see (13) tabs under the Navigation. Please select “Account Preferences” (red arrow).


Under the Account Preferences Screen, select the “students” tab. (Red Arrow). Then click add (yellow arrow). See below:


Please enter in the requested information. See below:


If you need your student’s access ID and password, please email K.Stanley. Once you click ok your additional student is added to your assisting Powerschool Account. 

Instructions for Parents to view Benchmark Tessting To view Test Scores you MUST access your account from a desk top. Test Scores can not be viewed in the Powerschool App. Please click here for the link to access the parent portal. Sign in using your user name and password Once you have signed in, on left hand side scroll down to State Test Reports and click on the tab. From this page you will be able to download your Student’s current report and learn additional Information about the NC Individual Student Reports.